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Emotional Abuse is more painful than Physical

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham

Why do parents believe that since they gave birth to you, they have complete control over everything you do? How do you make them understand that we have our own mind and want to live our life the way we choose instead of how they deem is the right path?

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Flight and First Impressions of New Srilanka

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It has been 3 days in Srilanka and they have been interesting. A lot of changes from the last time I was here in 2007. So I thought I’ll blog about it. Read the rest of this entry »


Journey Back to Srilanka

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It is 30th of April and my final day in London. Today I’m flying out of the country back to Srilanka where I will have to rebuild everything. Most people feel homesick or happy that they are going back to the country they were born in. I grew up in Srilanka for 18 years but for some weird reason, I consider London as my home and Srilanka as a place I used to live at. Read the rest of this entry »


Education and its Assessment

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I’ve wanted to write this article/blog for a while now but never got the time until now. I recently did my Masters in Software Engineering at City University London which is a very reputable university in United Kingdom. The course seemed like a valuable one that was covering many areas from requirement analysis, system design, system development etc. It basically taught people who are interested in software development of its stages and practices.

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Life Altering Decision

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I’m sort of at an emotional turmoil lately and I would very much like to hear opinions before I make a decision that would change my life.

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