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University Life

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I have not posted any blogs for a while. Not because I didn’t want to but because I was busy with facing responsibilities in real life. I have started my University now. I’m doing MSc Software Engineering (Part Time) courtesy of my cousin who is willing to lend me the money for the moment. I really don’t like to get into debt but unfortunately I do not have any other choice. With the way UK government works and universities charging 3 times the money from foreign students compared to the local students who attend the university with no idea or purpose other than their rich parents sending them there. When did studies become a business rather than education for knowledge for the mind seeking to learn? Or am I being naive to expect education to be provided for those who wants to learn than given for those with money?

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Thorpe Park Trip

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First of all, I have to say that I’m a couple of weeks late on this post. It’s not because I didn’t want to write but I’ve been sick with Swine Flu since the trip. So I couldn’t write until today.


My friends and me have been discussing a trip to Thorpe Park for this summer break. Last time we went to Thorpe Park together was in 2005. So we were all excited. Finally managed to get a date where everyone will be free. Luckily a lot of things came together well. Ramanan managed to get a buy one get one free vouchers and Sarangan managed to get package tickets for our train journey to the park.

As expected, some of the guys did not come on time to the station but we boarded the train in the last minutes. It must have been the express because we went to the park faster than expected. There was a long queue but we were there before the opening so we managed to get in on time. All of us wanted different types of activities so we compromised on doing some activities together and splitting up to do the others. Nira, Luck, Sara and Rama were interested in water splash activities than adrenaline pumping activities. Arun, Bash and myself were interested in the adrenaline activities.

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Party + Night Bus Transport

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Well, back from last night’s party for my friend’s b’day at The Vibe Bar in East London. Was supposed to be a big time drinking festival but didn’t feel like it. Maybe it’s because I’ve partied with a few people who lives to party. Anyways, got tired quite fast because we didn’t have a place to sit in the outdoors in the bar. Place was packed outdoors and had to stand for around 3 hours. I had already walked more than 1/2hr to reach the place because TFL guided me in the wrong direction. Might have been my mistake as well since I searched using mobile and might have selected Aldgate East instead of Aldgate so it told me to go right instead of left and I got lost in the end. Thanks to Nokia Map, I was able to find my way back. Hung around with my friends most of the night discussing from the country’s situation back home to lifestyle in London to MJ’s death. There weren’t any single girls in our group so just a bunch of guys hanging around together.

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Twitter Membership

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I have heard of twitter before but never saw any use of it until now. It’s a matter of updating people on what I’m up to but I rarely update my own facebook or myspace pages so why would I want to take the time to update one liner status in twitter? Unfortunately while installing my site, one of the plugins (Supr) that will synchronize my post with facebook and twitter requires a key. The key can only be obtained by members of the parenting website (StumbleUpon) and to become a member, they send invitations by twitter. So to get the bloody invitation, I ended up registering in Twitter.

It’s funny to see that twitter links friends through gmail and yahoo and even aol but they don’t have any linking for live. My primary email address has been hotmail turned live and I’m having a hard time moving to gmail. So I am cut off from all my friends whom I am linked through live in twitter. Guess facebook has one up on twitter in that department.

My head is getting filled with ideas for applications that I can’t seem to implement due to time constraints. Wish they will invent the time machine already. Would make life simpler for me.

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