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Small Poem about the Feel of Love

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This is a small tamil poem I wrote a while ago about how you feel when you fall in love.

Author: Janahan Balasingham

Title: காதல் சுகம்

மனதில் காதல் வந்துவிட்டால்
மல்லிகைப் பூப்போல் பூக்கும்
மாலை நேரம் வந்த பின்னும்
அதன் வாடம் என்றும் மனதில் நிற்கும்

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Twists in Life

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Last night Party was a bit disappointing and night travel was hectic. But the evening was not so bad. Ran into an ex of mine on my way to the party in Baker Street station. She was waiting for the circle line as well. We split up a while ago because she moved back to Ireland. Funny how life takes us. She got a job offer in London and has moved back. So instead of catching the tube, we both decided to go for a bite. So we went to get kebab which is her favourite. Reminisced on old days and she suggested we should go out again. Even in my current situation, I’m tempted to do so. Life was more exciting when we used to go out together. We had a chemistry that I didn’t have with any other girls I’ve went out with. But then again, I don’t know what her expectations are. I cannot live as care free as I used to. And my self confidence is not as much as before with my current physique. So need to think it through. We ended our relationship in good terms and I don’t want to get back together if it is going to make bad memories and wreck the friendship.

Oh. And did I mention I almost proposed to her? Momentary relapse.


Party + Night Bus Transport

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Well, back from last night’s party for my friend’s b’day at The Vibe Bar in East London. Was supposed to be a big time drinking festival but didn’t feel like it. Maybe it’s because I’ve partied with a few people who lives to party. Anyways, got tired quite fast because we didn’t have a place to sit in the outdoors in the bar. Place was packed outdoors and had to stand for around 3 hours. I had already walked more than 1/2hr to reach the place because TFL guided me in the wrong direction. Might have been my mistake as well since I searched using mobile and might have selected Aldgate East instead of Aldgate so it told me to go right instead of left and I got lost in the end. Thanks to Nokia Map, I was able to find my way back. Hung around with my friends most of the night discussing from the country’s situation back home to lifestyle in London to MJ’s death. There weren’t any single girls in our group so just a bunch of guys hanging around together.

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B’Day party of my friends

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Going for a party at Vibe Bar in East London after a long time. With how life has been, partying was the last thing on my mind. But this is two of my old school friends so must attend. Will be fun I hope. After all, it’s a Drinking Festival.

Wish life has become stable for me to feel the party mood. Don’t want to reminisce my current situation when I’m supposed to be enjoying the party. A bit concerned that I might be tempted to alcohol.

Feel a bit bad that I can’t get anything for them anything at the moment. Plan to do so once I get stable. A lot of goals to achieve. Must start on them soon.

Will update after the party.

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