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Embarassing Dating Experiences

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I’m sure all of you who has gone on dates have had some embarassing stories to tell. I have my share of embarassing moments as well. And for those who know me well, I don’t recover from embarassment that fast and typically ruin the day/night because of it.

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Relationships are one confusing thing. People we think we know end up surprising us in a good way or a bad way. Now this happened a month ago but I didn’t get a chance to write about it.

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Twists in Life

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Last night Party was a bit disappointing and night travel was hectic. But the evening was not so bad. Ran into an ex of mine on my way to the party in Baker Street station. She was waiting for the circle line as well. We split up a while ago because she moved back to Ireland. Funny how life takes us. She got a job offer in London and has moved back. So instead of catching the tube, we both decided to go for a bite. So we went to get kebab which is her favourite. Reminisced on old days and she suggested we should go out again. Even in my current situation, I’m tempted to do so. Life was more exciting when we used to go out together. We had a chemistry that I didn’t have with any other girls I’ve went out with. But then again, I don’t know what her expectations are. I cannot live as care free as I used to. And my self confidence is not as much as before with my current physique. So need to think it through. We ended our relationship in good terms and I don’t want to get back together if it is going to make bad memories and wreck the friendship.

Oh. And did I mention I almost proposed to her? Momentary relapse.

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