Bad News About a Friend

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I got some bad news about a friend of mine. She is a friend for me and a close friend of Emma’s.
Got a call last night from her husband that she went into pre-mature labour. She was pregnant for 14 weeks and the baby died. She is in a lot of pain after that so he called Emma to inform her.
I feel very sad. Don’t know how she feels but it must be really bad. I know how excited she was about being pregnant and all. This was their 1st child for both of them. Her husband looks crushed and worried. We waited until her family came to the hospital and then left.
Emma took the day off and I tried to get some sleep. For some reason, I couldn’t sleep at all. Was sweaty and had weird dreams all day long. Gave up sleeping now. Don’t know why I feel am affected this way. I normally don’t get affected when someone dies but this time, it really hit me for some reason.
Wish I could understand my feelings. Is this because it was an innocent infant that died?
Hope the way I feel right now goes away soon.

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