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This happened to me the weekend before the last.

One of my good friend (Sara) played a prank on me that resulted in an unexpected way. One of my other friends (Suva) who recently came to UK got a new phone number. I did not have that phone number so Sara decided to use that number and play a prank on me.

He started sending some vulgar texts from that number. This went on for days. Initially I thought it was someone else. But after a few texts I received, I was starting to lose patience. I thought maybe it wasn’t a friend but someone else who was actually looking for trouble. But some of the words were my trademark curse words from back in Srilanka. So I knew it was someone familiar to me.

On that Friday night, I was at my girlfriend’s place. After a long stressful day for her at work, we were relaxing on her couch watching a very nice movie. The atmosphere was building to a very nice night but then I started to get messages from my prankster. Seeing how it was passed midnight, she clearly heard the phone vibration. I have no idea why I chose to put it on vibrate instead of turning it off.

After a couple of texts, she became curious about it. She asked me who it was and I couldn’t answer her because I didn’t know who it was. She asked to look at the messages and I chose to show her. I think she suspected it might be some other girl (after all, the messages were coming passed midnight). Unfortunately for me, he was texting in Tanglish (Tamil words spelled in English). So she couldn’t understand what it said. She looked at the number and I didn’t store it under any name. That made her even more suspicious. How was I supposed to explain what the text message said when it was curse words that you cannot tell to a female? I was stumped. I switched off the phone and had to justify why I couldn’t tell her what the messages meant. Needless to say, the mood was ruined and I had to sleep on my side of the bed.

Next day, she had calmed down and I told her it must be one of my friends. After talking with Sara and asking for Suva’s phone number, I knew it must be him. Because he went with Suva to get the new sim card. So he must know the number. When Sara said he didn’t know, I was able to figure it out. So after that, I explained it to my girlfriend who accepted that it was a good prank. We spent the weekend just relaxing with each other and it was a smooth one.

One good thing that came out of this prank was that I don’t have to ask myself whether we are exclusive or not. If we weren’t, she wouldn’t have been suspicious. Now I don’t have to ask that question and hurt her feelings.

Our one year anniversary is coming up very soon and I must plan something for her. She has arranged for a week holiday break in Scotland (do I need Visa for that?) in a private cabin with activities planned. Any suggestions to top that?

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