Problems With Facebook

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham   in Experience, Technology

Facebook is getting on my nerves. I tried to check the help on how to disable notifications for receiving gifts in game (which wasn’t there before and now popping up all the time).

I couldn’t find anything related so I tried to ask my own question. Then I realized that there’s no place for me to ASK A QUESTION!!! They have a tab saying “My Questions” but there’s no place for me to ask the question.Google Searched for the section where I can start my question in the discussion. They all point to an option in my profile wall that has “ask a question” next to my status. But there’s nothing there in my profile.So annoying.

Now I have 2 questions.
1) How to disable notifications for gifts from games.
2) How to ask a damn question in Facebook.

Don’t want to dig anymore incase it brings up more questions.

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