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First of all, I have to say that I’m a couple of weeks late on this post. It’s not because I didn’t want to write but I’ve been sick with Swine Flu since the trip. So I couldn’t write until today.


My friends and me have been discussing a trip to Thorpe Park for this summer break. Last time we went to Thorpe Park together was in 2005. So we were all excited. Finally managed to get a date where everyone will be free. Luckily a lot of things came together well. Ramanan managed to get a buy one get one free vouchers and Sarangan managed to get package tickets for our train journey to the park.

As expected, some of the guys did not come on time to the station but we boarded the train in the last minutes. It must have been the express because we went to the park faster than expected. There was a long queue but we were there before the opening so we managed to get in on time. All of us wanted different types of activities so we compromised on doing some activities together and splitting up to do the others. Nira, Luck, Sara and Rama were interested in water splash activities than adrenaline pumping activities. Arun, Bash and myself were interested in the adrenaline activities.


Our First ride was called Vortex (see left). It is basically a 360° rotation horizontally while swinging backwards and forwards. When it rotates and swings, the wind blows into the face pretty strong. You can see up the sky and down the ground which makes you feel like you are falling while spinning. Since only 4 people can sit in a group seat, Arun, Bash, Sara and Rama sat on one side and Nira, Luck and myself sat in the opposite side.

Some of the guys were screaming. Nira and Luck closed their eyes throughout the ride and I remember Rama and Sara doing the same. Arun was laughing at the way Nira was acting but I was unable to see him since he was sitting next to me. It was a fun ride all around. It wasn’t that scary or adrenaline pumping. Maybe it was like that to me since I have gone on that multiple times (not with these friends). But it was fun anyways. It was a good choice for our first ride.

We took a small break after that. There was a nice location where people were taking pictures so we decided to take some pictures while plan what to do next. Arun wanted to try the Rush so he was all excited about that.



For the next ride, we split in groups. Arun and Bash went into Rush (see left) before I was aware they were in. They asked me to jump the queue but I didn’t want to take the risk because I have been aware of the punishment for jumping the queue (get kicked out of the park). So I didn’t go with them. Rama managed to squeeze through the queue to Arun and Bash. Sara went missing for a bit. Nira and Luck wanted to go for Quantum (see right) since it wasn’t that scary and I went with them. It’s not a fast ride but a fun ride. I have only been in that ride once before. Sadly I realized how much I have gained weight since my last time in that. I couldn’t lock the seat initially because of my waist size and also because of the jacket I had tied around my waist. I had to suck my breath to lock the seat. So it was an uncomfortable seating but still it was fun. After the ride, Nira told he closed his eyes even for this ride. This ride is basically like driving a fast car in a free road or dodging through traffic. Guess he is not used to that kind of experience. Still, it is a worthy fun ride. Not for hardcore people but for people who are looking for fun, Quantum is a recommending ride.

ZodiacAfter both rides, we decided to go for a ride where all of us can go. Unfortunately it was the Zodiac (see left) ride. Now this is a ride I have never been before. Not with these friends and not with my other friends. So I was pretty excited too. In this, people sit in two like how they sit in a motorbike inside a caged seat and it rotates 360° horizontally while rising to 90° vertically and then after a few rounds, it lands again. The seats do not have any seatbelts to hold you there. They said the gravity takes care of our seating. Yeah Right! Since it was 7 of us, I was alone in the cage. My feet did not reach the bottom and when the cage rose up rotating, I slipped inside the cage. I experienced how it would feel if I fall down from a high place and it was scary. Adding to my fear of heights, this ride gave me the fright of the day. I’m never going on this ride again until they put seatbelts to the seat. But other guys seemed to like it. They did not experience anything like I did since they were sitting in pairs. But all of us did feel dizziness after getting off the ride.


The next ride all of us did together was Colossus (see right). It is the main rollercoaster ride in Thorpe Park. They had another ride called Saw which was meant to promote the upcoming Saw VI. Other than a 110° vertical drop, that ride did not have that much exciting. So we decided to skip Saw ride. When we got into the Colossus ride queue, we assumed it will be around 30 minutes queue as it said. But it ended up being a 105 minutes queue. I felt like the queue was longer than the ride which was 2 minutes. We were talking about random things. It was fun to hang around with friends just chatting about nothing and reminiscing on old times. A lot of things I said was interpreted as a come on line towards the guys. We had a good laugh about it. And thanks to Rama’s keen observation, we realized that Arun has a very small ears. Sara cracked up laughing about Arun’s small parts in the body (feet, ears etc.). Even with all the fun, the queue was pretty exhausting and hurt my feet waiting. In the middle, they stopped for a while running maintenance checks which increased the waiting time even more. But once we reached the end of the queue, it was very fun. I have been on this ride before so I knew what to expect when. For some reason, this time my head kept banging on the seat handles through the ride. Sara skipped the ride. All of us had a fun time. Nira and Luck closed their eyes again and I believe Rama did too.


After Colossus, we wanted to go for a fun Water ride. We saw a high fall splash ride. So we went for that. It was amazingly fast paced splash. We were sure that we will end up soaked on this ride. It was called Tidal Wave (see left) for a reason after all. It takes the passengers to a high place and then rides them into the water in full force. The water splash is not immediate but a late effect. We sat there thinking we escaped the splash but it came down on us. Still, it was refreshing. I was sitting in the front so I got soaked well in there. Arun tried hiding only to get soaked in his back. Near the ride, there was a spot where people can stand and get soaked by the splash effect. A lot of people were there getting soaked. I didn’t understand why our guys were hiding when people were willingly get soaked. It is fun to get splashed by the water. Ofcourse the clothes get sticky afterwards but the sun was shining that day and the clothes dried out pretty fast.

We took a break after the ride and had our lunch at KFC. It is located inside the Amityville Hotel in the park.


IMG_0122IMG_0119After the break, we went for Detonator (see left). As I mentioned before, I have a fear of heights. I have never had the courage to go on this ride before and this time I thought I will be able to do it. But unfortunately when we stood in the queue, my courage failed me. Seeing the force it falls, it is truly petrifying to see. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to handle the ride eventhough it only lasts like 10 seconds. According to Thorpe Park info, the drop is 100 feet at MPH with 5.5g-force. You fall down like in 2 seconds. Arun was pretty confident and I think Bash was too. Nira and Luck were shaken up by the ride and Rama had his eyes closed (see right). I think he was praying to all the gods in the time span of the fall. I admit he had more guts than me as I couldn’t even go in the ride. Sara and myself skipped the ride.


After Detonator, we split up in groups. Arun, Bash and myself wanted to go for Stealth (see right) while the others wanted to try out the water rides. Stealth is the quickest accelerated ride in the entire park. It goes from 0 to MPH to a 205feet height. Then the cart falls down the vertical slope in a rotating way to the bottom with the gravity pull. It was a long queue for this as well with approximately 60 minutes for a 1 minute ride. But it was definitely worth the wait. I have not gone on this ride before but it was crazy fun. The adrenaline pumped when the cart got released and accelerated. It was like a racing car starting up and you can barely acknowledge that it started before you are at the top. The g-force pulling you was very strong and when you fall, it was pretty scary. But I enjoyed it throughout. Since it is a new ride for me, I think I had more adrenaline pumping for this ride.

Arun and Bash loved the ride too. It was definitely one of the best rides in the park. It would be better if we could skip the queue.


IMG_0139Arun wanted to go for Samurai (see left) after that since we only had time for one more ride. I have gone on Samurai many times and I think it lost its thrill on me. I wanted to do something fun so I decided to join up the other group who were going to the Logger’s Leap (see right). I have gone on that before too and for some reason, I like that ride eventhough all of us get soaked in it. It’s a ride where we sit in a log that floats through the water through a tunnel and falls down the waterfall in the tunnel and then a second rise and fall down the open waterfall. There were 5 of us the first time we went in that since Arun and Bash went for Samurai. It was a tight squeeze and I couldn’t take any good pictures. I was sitting in the front as the first guy, I got soaked well.

IMG_0142After the ride, Arun came in and said he wanted to go as well. So we came up with an idea to have him soaked. Rama told Arun that I got soaked because I was sitting in the back and he should sit in the front. He believed what we told and sat in the front only to get soaked from head to toe (see left). We had to sit in 2 logs since there were 7 of us. I sat with the newly married couple who sat in front of me.


I have met Luck only after she came to UK. I have never met her before back home. However, once I met her, it was pretty obvious that this couple were made for each other. They compliment each other well and it is a well matched couple. You can see it even in the pictures (see right).

Overall, the Logger’s Leap was a fun ride and the mission to get Arun soaked was successfully executed.

With that, our trip concluded. We were pretty exhausted from all the rides we went in (see below). We sat down for a while relaxing our feets. I had to mess around with my camera that got soaked in the Logger’s Leap rides. It was acting weird because water went in. I left it to dry out since I was done with taking pictures for the day. We reminisce the things we did and the rides we took. Everyone liked different parts of the day. My favourite was the Stealth and Logger’s Leap.


We took the train back home. After coming back to the station, Rama and Sara wanted to go for dinner. Nira and Luck had to go home so the rest of us went to dinner. We were very tired yet we ended up walking up and down in Waterloo looking for a feasible restaurant and ended up in Pizza Express. All of us had our dinner there and went back home.

Overall, the day was a success. It was a thrilling fun filled day altogether and none of us had any bad experience. A couple of long queues but the rest were either short or average. Didn’t go for a few rides we wanted to go but then again, Thorpe Park have too many rides and it is not possible to go to all of them unless we have the Unlimited Pass that will allow us through the Quick Track. Maybe we can get the pass if we go in next time. But it is pretty costly.

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