Anagram Fun

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I came across an Anagram website which had some hall of fame anagrams. Compiled a few of them that I liked. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

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Memories of the Past

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I spent a whole day in bed a few days ago thanks to the heat boil I got in my eyelid that made it impossible for me to see anything without tears. Just before I realized that, I read an email that was mass mailed to me and my friends. It was containing pictures of old Wellawatte from 1981. Some of the friends were recalling the old places and what they remember of those places. While I was lying in the bed unable to sleep, my mind roamed around old memories.

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Questioning Indian Movie Logic

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I was recently watching a couple of tamil movies with my girlfriend when she raised a question that made me think as well. Usually I don’t focus on it since it is a movie after all and doesn’t play that much of an importance but after the question, I couldn’t answer.

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Trip to Ireland

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In the world we live in now, our life has become routine to the point where we do things even without realizing. It is not our fault but the life we have to follow in order to move at the pace of everyone else. We are too worried about building a life, we forget to live it. I came to understand how much I’m missing living my life in the last week.

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Messaging Prank

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This happened to me the weekend before the last.

One of my good friend (Sara) played a prank on me that resulted in an unexpected way. One of my other friends (Suva) who recently came to UK got a new phone number. I did not have that phone number so Sara decided to use that number and play a prank on me.

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