Embarassing Dating Experiences

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I’m sure all of you who has gone on dates have had some embarassing stories to tell. I have my share of embarassing moments as well. And for those who know me well, I don’t recover from embarassment that fast and typically ruin the day/night because of it.

Last night, I went out on a date with my girlfriend. I have been busy for a while so I didn’t get that much time to share with her. So I thought I should treat her well and took her out to one of her favourite Italian restaurant in central London. It was a fancy restaurant for which I made reservations in advance. I wanted to make sure nothing goes wrong. Went to her place a little bit before we agreed upon and gave her the flowers. She liked it and we went to the restaurant and sat in our private table in the corner. Everything was going smoothly and we had a pleasant dinner.

In the end, when I gave my credit card for payment, damn card got REFUSED. Apparently something was wrong with Capital One at that moment and they couldn’t authorize my credit card. I had no idea what the reason was. Unfortunately my debit account was overdrawn close to the limit so I couldn’t use that. And my Natwest Mastercard had expired (I didn’t notice it as it wasn’t my primary card). So there I was sitting in the restaurant with no money to pay because my credit card didn’t work. My girlfriend realized the situation and ended up paying for the dinner. I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to these situations and think a man should pay for the dinner. So making her pay was a very embarassing thing for me. She kept saying it was ok and the date went well. But I couldn’t help but be embarassed. Came back 2 her apartment and called Capital One straight away. They checked and said everything was fine with my card. Fate must really hate me to make me go through that. All I wanted was a relaxing date with my girlfriend. Is that too much to ask?

This brought up memories of some of my other embarassing dates. The first one was like 2 weeks after I came to UK. I was job hunting near where I lived and went into a net cafe looking for any vacancies. I am a computer person after all so I wanted to be in that area. The job offer was more or less a freelancing one where they call me in to fix broken down computers and I fix it for low pay. I thought it will be optional for me (since it won’t be steady income as part time). Right at that moment, there was a hottie having trouble printing one of her documents. When she asked the guy running the cafe for a solution, he asked me to look at it. Don’t want to go into technical details but I was able to figure out what the problem was and fixed it for her so that she can print it. She asked me to assist her because she was afraid of messing it up so we sat together printing 40+ pages. We got into talking and it was a pleasant conversation. As some of you might know, I’m not that experienced when it comes to talking/flirting with opposite sex before I came to UK. So I was struggling to keep up with the conversation. The embarassing moment came when I misread one of the words in her CV she was printing at that moment. Instead of Physiology, I read it as Psychology. And I started enquiring about Psychology. She gave me a weird look like I’m an illiterate which is understandable and corrected me. Then we sat in silence until printing finished and she just said thank you and left. It was like a switch turning off in one single moment. And what an embarassing moment it was.

The other time I embarassed myself happened after 3 months. I was working as a freelancer marketer at that time so I kind of got used to talking. But I was not that familiar with dates or restaurants so I had no idea about the prices. There was this cutie working with us and I was interested in her. We work together quite often so we talk a lot and I got the hint she liked me too. I didn’t know how to ask her out so I kept hesitating. I got the chance one day when she confessed that it was her birthday but she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it (office celebrated birthdays big time). So I thought it would be nice to take her out for dinner that night. I asked one of my collegue on how much I should take with me (this was when I didn’t have any bank account or credit card. 3 months remember?) and he said around £30 should be sufficient. I don’t carry a lot of money around because of safety reasons. I didn’t realize he was pulling my leg at that time. So I took her out that night for dinner after having a few drinks in the bar we usually go after work. Went to the restaurant and got the menu and the starters itself was around £10. I started sweating (I sweat when I’m nervous) and ordered the cheapest starter and no drinks while asking her to order anything she wants hoping I can manage the bill that way. Told her an excuse that I will have dinner at home courtesy of my sister and she will worry if I don’t eat. I think she must have realized my situation because she ate the starters she ordered and said she was full and doesn’t eat much at night. I felt both guilty and relieved at that. Ended the dinner with a kiss on the cheek at the station. The guy who adviced me about the money bursted up laughing when I had a go at him for embarassing me. Then he took pity on me and started teaching me on the way of British lifestyle. We became good friends since then. And thanks to his instructions I followed, I got the girl to go out with me for about 3 months before she went working for someone else.

Oh. And there was once after I started working in the marketing place (before the dinner embarassment) when I thought it was a good idea to compare a girl whom I was flirting with to a cat. Her features were really like a cat but I didn’t realize that it is a wrong thing to say. No need to say how she found that offensive and switch turned off. I really sucked at that time in flirting with girls.

Share your embarassing moments too. Will be a good laugh.

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