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Another Halloween weekend. The 2nd one since I started writing this blog. So officially it’s been 1yr now. This year’s party was fun as last time around. It was a weekend party and a lot of things happened this weekend that I want to share here.

I was very late in choosing a costume this year. Kept dragging it because of other stuff (University, Work, Life etc) and left it to the last minute. Emma got tired of me not doing it after many times she reminded me of it. She told me that she will come with me (technically drag me) to the shop on Friday and buy a costume. So I canceled all my other plans and waited at her place all evening while she was no show. Got a call from her saying that she might be late. Finally when she came around, it was past 10. Apparently her boss wanted her to finish off some work since it’s the month end. I had dinner prepared so we ate it and went to bed.

We woke up early on Saturday morning since the party was that night and we didn’t have enough time to do the shopping (still haven’t decided on the costume) and makeup works. Went to Central London and checked out a few stores that had costumes. Nothing to our satisfactory. Maybe since it’s last minute that all the good stuff was sold out. Finally found a shop that had some interesting clothes and items. Didn’t want to go as a typical halloween character and I really wanted to stay away from my usual vampire costume. Since Twilight crap, the quality of a vampire is reduced to a ponce. I really hate that series especially during Halloween.

They had batman costumes too including Joker. I saw a replica of Scarecrow mask too which gave me a good idea. Picked that up and a few other items like chain vest and a replica of mace & chain. Emma didn’t have a clue what character I was choosing but she was curious. The shop owner was very friendly and helped us pick our stuff.

When we paid him, he gave us an extra £20 as change by accident (was stuck together with the £20 he was supposed to give us back). I didn’t realize it and put it in my wallet and started to drive back to her place. Almost near her house, we did the weekend grocery shopping when I realized that I had an extra £20. I thought about keeping it but my conscience kept voicing that it’s not right. Decided to drive back and give it to him and we took off. Emma didn’t say anything but just went along with me. I went back and gave him the money and he was very happy about it. It wasn’t a big shop so I guess every pound counts. He said that anytime we come back, he will give us a big discount. We left the shop and I was feeling pretty happy with my good deed.

Suddenly out of nowhere Emma gave me a surprising kiss and told me “this is what I love about you”. I was pleasantly surprised to extremely shocked in a second. I don’t think I showed it to her and just kept smiling but in my mind, alarm was constantly ringing. This is the first time the big L is mentioned since our relationship started and I don’t know how to take this. Should this be a sign of her falling for me or should I just take it casually as I have taken this relationship? Does she expect it to get serious in the future because honestly I don’t know if I’m interested or ready for it to become serious. But that’s for another day.

Went back home and I started to work on my costume. Took a scissor and started tearing some more holes in the mask. Then I stapled them together and took some metal clips which I pinned to the mask. With the mask and my chain vest and balls & chain (should have been a hammer but didn’t find one), I looked exactly as I thought I would. The big monster character from Resident Evil V (or the bad portrayal in Resident Evil Afterlife). Emma had already chosen a goth chick (or Amy Winehouse on drugs) costume long before so I thought it would fit well.

When we went to the party, it was crazy. A lot of different costumes this year around. Some people have had the Twilight craze and dressed up as Twilight characters (one guy actually gelled his hair like Edward and used glistering sprinkles in his body). One girl came in as Catwoman by bodypainting her entire body in black (though I wondered if Catwoman ever had breasts that big). A few other usual costumes like Jack Sparrow or Batman or Superman and one guy even came in dressed as Donald Trump. Some people didn’t get what my costume was (not a RE gamer or a moviegoer) and thought we were role playing S&M. Ofcourse for those who didn’t see the movie or play the game would get that impression seeing how I was dressed in chains and she was dressed in leather. We had a laugh about that.

Party went on until 5 in the morning and it was wild. Maybe I’m getting older but I couldn’t stand up in the morning. Don’t know how I managed to get back home but we both slept in most of Sunday morning.

Overall, it was a good fun weekend. Had fun just messing around and role playing without worries.

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