Halloween Weekend

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This weekend was Halloween and what a weekend it was. I have celebrated quite a few Halloweens since I have come to UK but this was pretty eventful experience. I spent the entire day at Niranjan’s place where the couple hosted lunch and dinner and entertainment. Then I went for our regular Halloween traditional party.

To start off with, I met up with Arun at Wembley Central and took the tube to go to Nira’s place. I ran a bit late and for some reason, Three network was acting very wierd that day. My phone was either getting cut off or I keep getting connection error every time I try to call. So Arun had to wait for 10 minutes or so and he was not aware of me running late because I couldn’t call or receive his calls. Anyways, when we reached Nira’s place, we realized we were the firstcomers and everyone else was coming in late. So Nira started up Wii and he and Arun started playing Mario Kart while I sat back and watched while trying to fix my damn phone. It took a while and I finally fixed it. Nira was showing his karting skills while Arun was delusionally believing that he was young by choosing “Baby Mario” in the kart game. Yet he kept getting his ass kicked quite often. Sulakshana tried to show him the ropes on how to race yet he failed to learn. Sulakshana meanwhile treated us with her homecooked cheese starters (only to find out the homecooking part is basically buying it from Sainsburys and putting it in the oven) and juice.

Then we moved onto sports game where we played Tennis and Golf. Sara had arrived by then and took over the charge in the kitchen. Chef started to show his skills by making a burger from scratch. While he worked in the kitchen and Sulakshana assisting him, Arun, Nira and myself were busy playing Wii. I am not much of a Wii player so I wasn’t as enthusiastic as others. Arun was enjoying learning the games and Nira was learning along with him. I played Tennis and I was ok in that. But I really sucked at Golf. I seemed to be able to play the long shots well yet I just couldn’t seem to control the putter. Damn stick kept hitting it far every time. And I guess I do not have the patience to learn the right speed as well.

We then moved onto outside sports. The light was going down so we wanted to play a bit of cricket before the light went down. I hadn’t played cricket for a very long time. I was totally out of touch yet seemed to be able to manage somewhat. As most of you know, I am not much of a sports active person. So my finesse was not great yet I seemed to last for the two games we played though I felt exhausted when we came back home. Rambo had joined us by then and some started on Wii while Sara, Nira and Sulakshana went back to finish cooking. I had a good discussion with Nira about my Uni life and my prospects at the moment and it was pretty useful to brainstorm with someone and get different prospective. It assures me that I am not making the wrong decision and falling down the path I am supposed to go in.

Food was excellent. Sara is indeed a talented cook and after burger, I sat down and rested while others played Wii for a bit. Arun was match fixing the games so that he can win. We only found out about it near the end of the gaming experience. I didn’t want to tire myself because I knew I need to have some energy for the party late night. Then Sulakshana was eager to see “Kuruvi” movie. I didn’t know she was a Vijay fan but anyways, we couldn’t help ourselves from poking fun at the actor and his theatrics in the movie. We had fun doing that and having random chats about various things. Around 10, I decided to part ways because I needed to get to my girlfriend’s place where my costume was so that I can be ready for the party around midnight. The others wanted to go out clubbing and they were thinking of going a little later when I left.

I went to my girlfriend’s place and had to explain why I got a bit late. Kinda new experience on having the need to explain but she was understanding so I didn’t get any heat. She loves Halloween parties and I couldn’t help but get into the mood as well. This year, she decided to go as the “Lady in White” while I went as “Punk Vampire”. Last year I went in as “Hellboy” and I couldn’t repeat it again. So I wore my loving leather coat and I wore some jewellery additional to what I usually wore. The mouthpiece with fake teeth felt awkward at first but got used to it. I haven’t gone as a Vampire for many years now so had to get used to it again. My girlfriend looked simply stunning as the lady in white. She must have spent quite a bit on the long slender cocktail white dress she was wearing but I have to say it is worth it because she looked good in it. I drove us to the party which was out of the city.

This year, a lot of people seemed to have been creative. We had the usual vampire, hellboy, catwoman, ghost and other characters. But we also had some unique costumes like the Nerd Squad where a bunch of people dressed as geeks. Very hilarious to see their antics. Then we had an Evil Santa. Dressed just like a santa only giving out condoms instead of candy to everyone. And then we had one girl dressed in fishnet like dress. Don’t know what character she was supposed to be but if her purpose was showing off her body, she succeeded in it.

I was pretty tired at the beginning of the party because of the entire day. So I drank a couple of redbulls to keep me up. I learned a valuable lesson that night. NEVER EVER MIX Redbull with X. I felt lightheaded after taking X like I have never felt before. It was a strange feeling. And apparently I went hyper after that for a while. I cannot remember anything I did after a little while and my girlfriend who took me back to her place won’t divulge anything to me other than telling me I was adorable. I don’t think that is useful but then again, I have no other choice. I know my antics will be the talk of the show for the next few of our friends get2gethers. But its not like they have not done anything crazy like that before. My story will die as soon as someone falls asleep drunken in the loo again. So I am not that worried. I spent most of Sunday resting and spending time with my girlfriend and came back home to back to my usual weekly schedule.

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