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I have always been reluctant to go to Doctors. Don’t know why that is though. It’s not a fear or anything but for some reason I just don’t prefer to go unless I really have to. Maybe it’s because I don’t like to think of myself weak to need a doctor. Same reason why I registered with the local GP 3 years ago but never had to go for anything. With my pain threshold, I didn’t need it until now.

For the past year or so, I have been suffering with sharp pain in my legs. I thought I must have pulled a muscle in the gym or the usual muscle cramps I get that was lasting long. Muscle cramps have been happening for me as long as I can remember. Think it might be genetic seeing how my mom and my sister has it too. Only unlucky part of that is that while they get it in smaller size like in their finger, I get it in both my legs. So I dismissed this pain as the same as that.

But the pain just kept getting worse and worse to the point where I was having severe pain while sitting down. That was when Emma convinced me to have it checked before I get paralyzed. Went to the the GP in March. After checking the pain and muscle response in my legs, he deduced that it was Sciatica. Apparently a nerve has got stuck in my spine disc and any movement that strains the nerve causes a lot of pain and numbness to the leg. He wasn’t sure how bad it has got and prescribed me Naproxen that will reduce the swelling of the nerve. He also made an appointment with NHS for me to get an MRI scan so he can see how bad it is and recommend treatment. I was supposed to get a letter from NHS telling me where and when my scan will be.

Naproxen worked well initially. Had to take it 3 times a day with every meal. The pain reduced little by little and I waited patiently for my appointment that never came. After 2 months now, the prescribed pills are running out and my body either got used to it or the pills are not working anymore. Now the pain is worse in my back and sometimes I get pain in my leg. I have reduced any pressure to my leg as much as I can. Haven’t gone to the gym since March which has made me put on some weight and sitting in a new chair that reduces the stress to my back.

Yesterday this really caused me a scare. Those who know me well know that I don’t get scared easy. I went to Central London yesterday afternoon and around 5, I decided to pick up Emma from work so we can get home early. Went by her office and picked her up. Since it was the last friday of the month, she had finished up her work and was ready to leave. I wanted to avoid off-work traffic and decided to drive faster. I always drive near the max limit and yesterday I was driving 70mph in a 50 limit highway through the cars when the pain shot up my leg caused it to spasm and triggered a muscle cramp. And it was the bloody break leg. The leg went numb with pain and I couldn’t put pressure to push the break to reduce the speed. Had to drive around some cars in high speed with no break control. Luckily there weren’t any cops around or I would be sitting in jail now. Had to push the leg with my hand to press the break and took the car off the highway in the next exit. That was very scary not only because I was driving in high speed but because Emma was in the car and I didn’t want to cause any crash that could hurt others in the road. I lied down in the back seat while Emma started to drive back home. Not going to drive again until I get this thing fixed.

Called the doctor to see what happened to my appointment and apparently there’s no record of any appointment in my name. I have to wait until Tuesday for the doctor who made the appointment for me to come to the clinic so he can tell me what happened and when I can get my scan. I really want to get this fixed cause this is really becoming a big issue now.

Life is never simple or peaceful is it?

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