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After realizing the seriousness of my health problem, I pushed my GP explaining the urgency for an appointment to get my MRI scan. He informed NHS and they called me to setup the appointment last saturday (2nd  of June). Went to the hospital to get the scan.

I’ve been to only 2 hospitals in UK and this was my 3rd  one. For a government hospital, it surely was a messy place. Went in the morning with Emma since she was adament on driving me to the hospital. Followed the directions to MRI unit only to find out that the entrance door was locked. Walked back to the reception to enquire about it. There wasn’t any queue at that time and the receptionist was either very lazy or very careless. I kept trying to have a conversation while she kept getting distracted with personal talks with other staff who walk by or having personal calls (unfortunately I was standing in front of her so I was able to hear the conversations). I didn’t want to say anything eventhough I was trying not to lose my temper. Emma jumped before me and talked to the receptionist pretty harshly and askied her to tell us how to get into MRI unit. The receptionist finally focused on us and told us the same way we went earlier. When we told them that the door was locked, another staff said that the entrance was not INSIDE the hospital but OUTSIDE. We were supposed to use the Fire Exit to go outside and then we will find the entrance to the unit.

We went back and used the fire exit door (there were no signs telling us to do that until we got out of the hospital where the sign directs to the entrance) and the MRI unit was in the opposite building. Very confusing way to get to the unit. We went in and talked to the receptionist there who was very pleasant. She checked for my appointment and then told us that my appointment has been transferred to the MRI Mobile Unit which is not the main one. The Mobile Unit was a little further down in the car park. I was very confused around that time because I didn’t know why I’m going to a mobile unit when they have the main unit. My 1st  appointment was canceled and rescheduled at a different location because this hospital had the unit that is specific for my need. If it’s simple enough to be done in a mobile unit, then why was the 1st  appointment cancelled? I didn’t want to ask all the questions so we ended up walking around the car parks (there were 4 and the mobile unit was in 3rd) until we found it. It was like a small caravan but I was just happy to get it done as soon as possible. I was there just around the time my appointment was at. So I didn’t have to wait long. Went in and had the scan. Don’t know why they say the scan is scary because all I had to do was lie there for 10 minutes while I hear the machine making a lot of pulsating noises. Almost fell asleep there. Emma was more worried than me about the scan procedure.

I was told to expect the scan in 4 working days which meant I had to wait till Thursday to know about the scan results. On Thursday I called and they told me my GP will only come on Tuesday so they will call back once he comes and has a look at my scan. Yesterday morning I received the call and the GP told me he had a look at my scan and he has passed my case to a doctor in another hospital for further treatment. So now I’ll have to wait patiently until I get the next appointment (I so hope it will be a close one) and then only I’ll know how I’ll be treated for the pain.

Honestly, paying for a treatment would be quicker compared to this free service. Every appointment just keeps dragging the time while I have to live in pain killers. I tried to get medical treatment in March and all that’s been done until now is an MRI scan. Very slow progress. Kind of worried I’m getting addicted to the pain killers. Initially I believed I won’t but now I’m just wondering slightly if I’m enjoying the painless feeling too much. Want to get my treatment as soon as possible and get off from this pain killers.

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