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In the world we live in now, our life has become routine to the point where we do things even without realizing. It is not our fault but the life we have to follow in order to move at the pace of everyone else. We are too worried about building a life, we forget to live it. I came to understand how much I’m missing living my life in the last week.

As some of you already know, last week was my first anniversary with my current girlfriend Emma. It has been the second longest romantic relationship I’ve had in my life and because of our compatibility, we did not have any major fights. A few minor disagreements here and there but we compromised in the end. I was very nervous when we started this but thankfully she knows me well enough to give me the space I needed.

She planned a trip to Ireland which is her birthplace for our anniversary. She and her brothers had apparently co-inherited a cabin in the mountainside when her father passed away. I had never been to Ireland before so I was excited about it. We decided to drive to Ireland and I had no problem with that. Ofcourse I had no idea how far it is and how long it would take. But I do enjoy being in the driving seat listening to tunes on the road (provided I’m not stuck in traffic). We started off on Sunday early morning so that there won’t be any traffic when we get out of city area. Drove all the way to her place.

Driving was very pleasant. We switched a few times so that one can rest while other drove. I went around places I’ve never been before. It’s very fascinating. Took the ferry to Ireland and then drove to the town close to the woods. Its very country side. More modern than the village areas in Srilanka but compared to the city, it is very traditional. It kept reminding me of Dawson’s Creek with the lake near the town. Their accent was nice to listen although I had trouble understanding some of the words and they couldn’t understand me at all. Emma didn’t have any problem with their accent so she did most of the talking. She had already got the person who maintains the cabin to stock up so we just picked up some supplies we thought would be useful in the town and drove into the mountain.

Finally we reached the cabin and it was very beautiful. It was built completely with wood with modern facilities inside. We even had a generator and everything. We stayed inside for the rest of the day because I wanted to get adjusted to the place. Even in Summer, the place was pretty chilling because apparently it was built to let air flow inside. Only complaint I would have is the insect noise you hear at night. But otherwise, there is peace that you cannot experience in the city.

That was when I realized that I forgot to pack the charger for my camera. I only brought the camera and the battery. Me and my forgetful brain. I always forget something everytime I go somewhere. Either I forget to take something there or leave something behind when I return. Nice start for the holiday huh?

Next day we woke up early and took a walk after having breakfast and packing lunch. I had no idea which direction we were going but just kept on walking because it felt amazingly good. The wind in the face and sunlight peeking through the trees were pretty awesome to feel. We walked for an hour or so when we reached a stream that was running from the top of the mountain into the lake. She told me that the stream is usually strong but this summer it wasn’t. Water was chilling so we just sat in the stream letting it flow over us. I was in the water until my skin started to numb. Then we had our lunch near the stream. After laying in there for a while, we walked back to the cabin. She started to prepare dinner while I surfed the net for a bit (mobile broadband). Mind and body felt relaxed for me to get many small things done. I was able to push away my worries about future, studies, work and the responsibilities and just enjoy the pleasure of the moment.

Following day, she wanted to go on a bicycle ride downhill in the route we came in. They kept a few bicycles in the cabin. However, one thing I forgot to mention to her was that I don’t know how to ride a bicycle. Nobody taught me when I was a kid and I never tried it as an adult. But I thought I might as well try and manage it instead of admitting it. I was embarassed enough with the camera fiasco. So we started off. I struggled a bit and when she looked at me questioningly, I told her it has been a while. Slowly I kept on cycling until I thought I was getting a hang of it. Only I didn’t expect how different it will be to cycle in a downhill route. Completely lost my balance and went down crashing hard. She was well in front of me to notice and when she realized I wasn’t behind her, she came back to find me in the ground. Had to confess my inability to ride a bicycle. She was understanding and we both just pushed the cycles toward the destination. It took longer than planned to reach but we finally made it to the town. The town people were pretty friendly and some were curious about where I was from and what Srilanka was like. Felt like a celebrity in the pub where we had our lunch because of all the people staring at me. Spent the day in the town and went back to the cabin for the night.

I was exhausted to wake up early in the morning so I slept in until afternoon. Got a nice lunch in bed when I woke up. Then we just went for a walk around the woods. We didn’t have any big plans for that day so we just walked and kept talking about many things. We talked about her plans at work and what she wants to do and what my plans are and what alternatives I had. We both knew most of the stuff about one another already but it was like a brainstorming session. I do that with her quite often before I make a decision because she gives me a different perspective on many things.

Next day was our Anniversary day. I woke up earlier than her and made breakfast in bed for her. Prepared the tub for bubble bath while she had her breakfast and then packed sandwiches for lunch. Walked to the stream again and spent the day there. After a refreshing time in the water, we sat around remembering about old memories. Have you ever wondered what your partner thought of you upon meeting you? I got to know about it. Unfortunately it is not something that can be shared here. Just have to say it was pretty embarassing to hear from her. When it started to get dark, we walked back to the cabin where we both cooked dinner together. Set it up in the table for a romantic dinner. I presented her a bracelet I bought with her astrology charms attached. It was very pretty and she liked it. I cannot tell what she gave me as that is more personal gift.

Friday was a day-in for us. After the anniversary celebrations, we just wanted to sit back and relax. Watched a couple of movies and then had a visit from the maintainer of the cabin who came by to refuel the generator. Had a nice chat with him for the afternoon and had lunch with him. Apparently he was well known by her family so they had a lot to talk about. I spent most of the day inside the cabin working on my pending stories. Maybe its the location or the atmosphere but my imagination worked very well.

We wanted to drive back on Saturday morning. But then only we realized that we would be caught in the traffic most of the day because it is weekend. Should have left earlier but I fell late. So we ended up staying there for a day more. Left in the evening and caught the ferry just in time and came here. When we reached home, it was well past midnight.

Overall, the trip was successful. We had fun and relaxed without stressing over the real life problems that are plaguing us especially me. While I was there, life didn’t feel like a pressure. Ofcourse the reality is the life we have to live in but it is not as comforting as the week I spent in there. The place where I was surrounded not by people but by nature. The beauty and serene effect it has can make anyone feel free of the responsibilities and just enjoy the moment. I may have had embarrassing moments and accidents (busted lip, bruised nose) but I experienced new things. I rode a bicycle for the first time and I lived in the woodside for the first time. I took a bath in the stream after many many years. The excitement and fun overshadows the accidents big time. I can honestly say I lived my life in the weekend satisfactorily. And I got the energy I needed to come back and face the reality that is life.

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