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It’s been a while since I updated my blog. I have been busy with work and life. A lot of creativity has been hitting me at the same time that I have not been able to spend time on writing my blog.

I spent this Saturday evening with some of my school friends going to the movies. It was an interesting day where things didn’t go as well as expected. But it was an interesting experience to be shared with everyone.

My friends voted to go for a tamil movie that was released that week (Aadhavan starring Surya). I wanted to go for Saw because I am a big fan of the series. However, I was outvoted by others in the group (I call for recount because of fraudulence voting by Sara). So we planned for the show at 2.40PM. After that, we planned to go for dinner at our familiar restaurant.

I met up with Arun who lives near me and we took the tube towards Ilford where the cinema is at. We had to switch at Baker Street. Something to be noted here is that I go to Baker Street regularly and it is where I switch to other lines to go to my University. However, I always go for Circle, District or Hammersmith line that goes to my University stop at Barbican. I got close to the platform when I noticed that my friend was lagging behind so I waited for him. He pointed to the train that was waiting nearby in another platform that was Metropoliton Line and suggested to go in that. It seems he saw some chick in the tube and wanted to spend some time ogling her. I jumped in as well and the tube took off. What we didn’t know was that the tube was going in the opposite direction of the way we wanted to go. We realized it only when the tube was leaving the next stop. Unfortunately the stop after that was close to where we actually started the journey. We just backtracked almost an hour of journey by accident. Is that fate? Is that why they say men ruin their lives chasing women? I don’t know the answer to that. Only thing I know was that it was hilarious.

We were running late for the movie and went in after it started. However, the movie ended up disappointing. Over the top typical tamil storyline and random songs popping up here and there. Action packed movie turned out to be saved by the comedy only. Without comedy, movie would have become unbearable. And it was a very long movie as well.

After the movie, we took a ride on the bus to East Ham to our restaurant called Sindhu Mahal. It is preferred by many of us and it is part of our routine on a movie evening.

One point I would like to highlight is that I am not perfect. I have my own flaws. I know some of my flaws but so far have not been able to find a way to change myself. Following are some of the flaws I am aware of in myself.

  • I overthink sometimes and expect others to follow my own way of thinking without realizing they may not do so.
  • I speak out what is in my mind without thinking. And sometimes it is considered rude and sometimes it is unwise. Yet I just cannot stop myself from doing that.
  • I sometimes have one track mind and forget logics.

And to prove one of my flaws, I asked an illogical question that didn’t make any sense when you think about it. One of the discussions that we were having involved mentioning of someone’s father’s litle brother’s little brother (In tamil, it is Sithappa’s thambi). I got confused on how Sithappa can be a Sithappa if he had a little brother. I didn’t think that he is a Sithappa because of the father. So my logical thinking was that if Sithappa has a younger brother, he should become a Periyappa and not a Sithappa. Again, doesn’t make any logical sense now but it was what I was thinking at that time. Then Sara shed the light on exactly how he is a Sithappa. I was embarassed to say the least. But anyways, it is part of who I am so quoting my punch line, “what am I supposed to do”?

Dinner at Sindhu Mahal was average. For some reason, their taste was not up to their normal standard. So I was kinda disappointed. I wanted to get some take aways but decided against that when I realized the quality of the food that night. We took a walk to the East Ham station and went away home.

It was an interesting evening. Movie was boring but the ride to the movie was eventful. Dinner was average but the ride to the dinner was entertaining to everyone.

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You did mention about my wisdom.. ha ha ….

November 9th, 2009 at 4:47 pm
Janahan Balasingham

Check out my celebrities post. Chuck Nevitt said something like what I did only in reverse. 🙂

November 12th, 2009 at 4:25 am

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