Die Hard 5 Trailer Sneak Preview

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This is just a funny posting I saw in IMDB. Very hilarious.

Die Hard 5 picks up 25 years after Live Free & Die Hard. Here’s the trailer:

(trailer voice) Retirement is a time when seniors enjoy the sunset of their lives…living out their final days reflecting on their past…but at Shady Acres Rest Home, an AARP terrorist group has seized control of the retirement community’s pudding stash and hold 150 senior citizens hostage. However, there’s one senior they didn’t count on…

John McClane: “…yipee kay yea mother fu…(cough…cough..hack…)”

He’s old…he’s got arthritis…and he’s constipated…but he’s out of retirement and back in action.

Terrorist: “…Mr. McClane…no more pudding for you (evil laughter)…”

John McClane: “…we’ll see about that (a battle ensues)…oh *beep* dentures!…Old Man Harry…help me out…I need my teeth”

Old Man Harry: “…what?…you need to pee?…”

Twentieth Century Fox Presents – Die Hard 5: Just Die Already

…coming to a rest home near you…


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