Questioning Indian Movie Logic

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I was recently watching a couple of tamil movies with my girlfriend when she raised a question that made me think as well. Usually I don’t focus on it since it is a movie after all and doesn’t play that much of an importance but after the question, I couldn’t answer.

The question was simple. She asked me why most of the heroes in the movies keep fighting with their parents for their freedom when they are depended on their parents’ income. In many Indian movies (especially tamil movies), the hero is jobless and supposed to be searching for a job. He gets money from his parents to spend and roams around with friends. So basically he has no income of any kind. Yet he talks to his parents like he should be free and not restricted by the parents.

What I found interesting in this is that when talking about being free, they are comparing their lifestyle with the westerners who have the freedom to do what they want. But they fail to notice that in the western culture, most of the teenagers start working part time or full time at the right age. They do not live with their parents and they are capable of handling themselves financially. So they can have the freedom to make decisions in their life. How can someone who is not working and doesn’t have any source of income claim to want to be free? If the person cannot take care of themselves and needs someone else’s support, should that person look for freedom?

In most of these type of movies, the hero falls in love with the girl and either runs away with her or fights for the love and succeeds in the end. But they never show how the so-called lovers will support themselves financially. Will they be living with hero’s family until hero finds a job? If the hero has a steady source of income and thereby contributing to the family living expenses, it can be understandable. But without any jobs, it won’t be a respectable behavior for the hero to live in parents’ income with a wife.

There have been quite a few movies that show after-marriage life between couples and those are different. I was just focusing on the movies that only show before-marriage job seeking hero love story.

It’s movies aka fantasy after all. But there are people who watch these movies and get the same kind of idea/lifestyle which will lead to a disasterous conclusion. Something to think about.

On another note, my girlfriend really loved Madarasapattinam. She thinks it is one of the best tamil movies she has ever seen and I agree with her. She asked me why they make crap movies when they have good story writers like that in India. I said it’s the same deal as western movies. Have to find the gems among the stones.

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