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Journey Back to Srilanka

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham    in Experience, Personal, Relationships

It is 30th of April and my final day in London. Today I’m flying out of the country back to Srilanka where I will have to rebuild everything. Most people feel homesick or happy that they are going back to the country they were born in. I grew up in Srilanka for 18 years but for some weird reason, I consider London as my home and Srilanka as a place I used to live at. Read the rest of this entry »

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Halloween Weekend

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham    in Experience, Personal

This weekend was Halloween and what a weekend it was. I have celebrated quite a few Halloweens since I have come to UK but this was pretty eventful experience. I spent the entire day at Niranjan’s place where the couple hosted lunch and dinner and entertainment. Then I went for our regular Halloween traditional party.

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Weekend Movie with Friends

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham    in Experience, Personal

It’s been a while since I updated my blog. I have been busy with work and life. A lot of creativity has been hitting me at the same time that I have not been able to spend time on writing my blog.

I spent this Saturday evening with some of my school friends going to the movies. It was an interesting day where things didn’t go as well as expected. But it was an interesting experience to be shared with everyone.

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