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Memories of the Past

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham    in Experience, Personal

I spent a whole day in bed a few days ago thanks to the heat boil I got in my eyelid that made it impossible for me to see anything without tears. Just before I realized that, I read an email that was mass mailed to me and my friends. It was containing pictures of old Wellawatte from 1981. Some of the friends were recalling the old places and what they remember of those places. While I was lying in the bed unable to sleep, my mind roamed around old memories.

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Rollercoaster Life

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham    in Experience, Personal, Relationships

What a rollercoaster ride my life has been. Difficult situations arise in life and we must face it to survive. But when the ship is sinking and there isn’t any lifeboats left, no matter how fast you throw the water back into the sea, it is impossible to save the ship or yourself.

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Halloween Weekend

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham    in Experience, Personal

This weekend was Halloween and what a weekend it was. I have celebrated quite a few Halloweens since I have come to UK but this was pretty eventful experience. I spent the entire day at Niranjan’s place where the couple hosted lunch and dinner and entertainment. Then I went for our regular Halloween traditional party.

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Thorpe Park Trip

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham    in Experience

First of all, I have to say that I’m a couple of weeks late on this post. It’s not because I didn’t want to write but I’ve been sick with Swine Flu since the trip. So I couldn’t write until today.


My friends and me have been discussing a trip to Thorpe Park for this summer break. Last time we went to Thorpe Park together was in 2005. So we were all excited. Finally managed to get a date where everyone will be free. Luckily a lot of things came together well. Ramanan managed to get a buy one get one free vouchers and Sarangan managed to get package tickets for our train journey to the park.

As expected, some of the guys did not come on time to the station but we boarded the train in the last minutes. It must have been the express because we went to the park faster than expected. There was a long queue but we were there before the opening so we managed to get in on time. All of us wanted different types of activities so we compromised on doing some activities together and splitting up to do the others. Nira, Luck, Sara and Rama were interested in water splash activities than adrenaline pumping activities. Arun, Bash and myself were interested in the adrenaline activities.

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