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Twitter Membership

   Posted by: Janahan Balasingham    in Experience, Opinions, Technology

I have heard of twitter before but never saw any use of it until now. It’s a matter of updating people on what I’m up to but I rarely update my own facebook or myspace pages so why would I want to take the time to update one liner status in twitter? Unfortunately while installing my site, one of the plugins (Supr) that will synchronize my post with facebook and twitter requires a key. The key can only be obtained by members of the parenting website (StumbleUpon) and to become a member, they send invitations by twitter. So to get the bloody invitation, I ended up registering in Twitter.

It’s funny to see that twitter links friends through gmail and yahoo and even aol but they don’t have any linking for live. My primary email address has been hotmail turned live and I’m having a hard time moving to gmail. So I am cut off from all my friends whom I am linked through live in twitter. Guess facebook has one up on twitter in that department.

My head is getting filled with ideas for applications that I can’t seem to implement due to time constraints. Wish they will invent the time machine already. Would make life simpler for me.

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